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CS Administrative Services has a team of more than 40 virtual assistants, all based in the United States. Within the next three months, we plan to double the number of team members providing virtual assistant services.

Unlike in-house staff that provides, the virtual assistants at CS Administrative Services aren’t tied to an 8 a.m.-5 p.m. schedule. Our team is available whenever you need a project complete, working hard to ensure you meet all of your deadlines.

CS Administrative Services offers affordable pricing. As our customers’ needs evolve, CS Administrative Services will evolve, as well, always striving to provide our client the virtual assistance they need to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

Businesses today are looking to streamline expenses. Increasingly, companies are turning to virtual assistants to minimize expense and increase productivity. At CS Administrative Services, our priority is to develop a long-term relationship with clients. With more than 40 full- and part-time virtual assistants on our staff, CS Administrative Services is well-equipped to handle all of your projects. Each of our team members brings between 5 to 25 years of experience in administrative services, with the proven ability to juggle multiple projects under strict deadlines.

Technology has opened up possibilities for businesses, allowing a wide variety of office tasks to be completed offsite. Virtual assistants can work from an office on the other side of the country or even from their own homes.

CS Administrative Services specializes in tasks that are ideal for virtual assistance. In recent years, virtual assistance has grown to involve tasks like web design and internet research.

As virtual assistants become more widely used, CS Administrative Services seeks to continue to provide the highest possible quality of service. The cornerstone of success in any industry comes from building long-term relationships with clients. CS Administrative Services looks forward to using our extensive virtual assistance experience to help your business succeed.


We provide the following services to our clients. We can handle small and/or large projects. For all questions, please email us at


Basic Bookkeeping






Email Management




CRM Management


Online Research


Data Entry


Travel Arrangements and Planning


Reminder Services




Ghost Writing


Facebook/Twitter Management




Powerpoint Presentations


Report Creation


Form/Document Creation



Cassie is the best virtual assistant I have ever had. She very bright, talented and super professional with an awesome personality to match. I will never use with another virtual assistant because when I found Cassie I found the best.Donald
I would recommend highly CS Administrative Services to any person needing work completed. Thanks again for your work. I will have the next project ready soon for you.Michael
Great work from CS Administrative Services! Happy to work with them again!Michael
Cassie and her team provided top quality work & I would certainly hire her again.Brian
CS Administrative Services was very responsive and flexible to suit me needs. I plan to use her services again in the future.Dave
Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance with this project. I knew that this wasn’t going to be easy for your team and that the learning curve would be frustrating at times. I also had confidence though that your team would get through it. We’ll be glad to rehire this team AND recommend the company. They know how to stick with a project and work out the kinks with you. We sincerely wish you and your company continued success and look forward to doing additional, similar data acquisition work with you in the future.Craig
Professional, Efficient, Friendly and PersonableMona
I found CS Administrative Services to be quick, easy to deal with, professional and, above all, competent. I would whole heartedly recommend Cassie and her team!Glenn
Excellent experience – highly recommended!David


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